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Who will you discover?

Our garden is filled with characters, who will be all around the garden as you play. Here is a little bit about them all - so make sure you give them a smile and a wave when you see them.


Meet Jade. She's in charge at The Secret Garden and everyone loves her. She has the biggest smile and an even bigger heart. She will often be seen with a cleaning cloth in her hand - as she likes nothing better than a clean and tidy Secret Garden. 


She also knows everything about everything - so you had better be on your best behaviour. Give her a wave when you get in.




Wise Guy


The organiser - keeps everyone in order.

Likes: Everything in its place, life in order .

Dislikes: Chaos, mess.

Favourite phrase: “Here’s what we’re going to do today”

She insists on doing things her way and loves rules, planning and order. She often bosses others around, but she cares a lot about her friends.



Always sees the the best in everything.


Likes: Cakes, flowers, games - everything. There is nothing in the world that flutter doesn’t like.


Dislikes: She doesn’t understand grumpy people.


Favourite phrase: 

“Ooohh... I love it”


Flutter is cheerful and playful. She brightens up the room and everyone likes her.



A book worm.


Likes: Reading and making up stories.


Dislikes: Being without anything to read.


Favourite phrase: 

“Once upon a time...”


Squirm is book obsessed and likes nothing more than curling up in a big chair with a good read. He will always share his love of books if you ask him.

Happy and loveable.


Likes: Being free to explore and go on adventures, wherever the wind takes her.


Dislikes: Being tied down and told what to do.


Favourite phrase: 

“Let’s go!”


Flip loves exploring the world and takes everything in her wingspan. Knows there is a big world out there and wants to explore it.



Never wants to miss a thing.


Likes: To always be busy - in the thick of everything.


Dislikes: Having to think too much.


Favourite phrase: 

“I’m not sure I’m meant to tell you this, but...”


She loves to be right in the centre of the action and loves finding out everyone elses business, then passing it on. Sometimes she doesn’t consider the consequences, but it is never on purpose.



Competitive and Sporty.


Likes: Playing sport and games - especially if when he knows he can win them.


Dislikes: Sitting still


Favourite phrase: 

“Is it my turn next?”


Streak is a snail. He may be slow, but that doesn’t stop him trying to win everything. He just has to find more inventive ways to do it.


A 5 star kind of a frog.


Likes: Being clean and tidy. He loves things to be in their right place.


Dislikes: Mud, dirt, catching flies, burping.


Favourite phrase: 

“That’s charming, darling”


Charming loves five star living and longs to escape the dirty swamp where his fellow frogs wallow in mud. 



Kind, gentle, but very, very shy.


Likes: Watching fun and playing from afar (or from under a bush).


Dislikes: Being the centre of attention.


Favourite phrase

“Oh d.d.dear”


Spike is timid and shy. She loves people, having a good time and she really enjoys a party, as long as she can stay out of the way. You'll find her hidden in corners at The Secret Garden.



Slow and steady.


Likes: Being on time, but rarely is,


Dislikes: Holding things up.


Favourite phrase: 

“Oh bother, oh bother”


Legs is a friendly, thoughtful and insightful character who will always try his best to help his friends, but usually turns up too late to do so.


Clever, but a little scatterbrained.


Likes: Puzzles and challenges - things that make him think


Dislikes: Bad manners, ignorance and gossip.


Favourite phrase: 

“Did you know...”


He is the font of all knowledge, calm and quiet. He's definitely got no time for gossip and trivial things. He is sometimes impatient when others don’t understand him.



The helper.


Likes: Solving problems. He is always looking for someone who needs him, sometimes when they least expect him.


Dislikes: People being scared of him.


Favourite phrase: 

“Let me help”


He spends his life trying to get people to overcome their fears and face up to their problems. The world would be a better place with Bert’s help.



Wise and mature.


Likes: To look after everyone.


Dislikes: People being unhappy.


Favourite phrase: 

“Come on dear, let’s sort that out”


Dot is kind-hearted, calm, patient and docile. She likes to keep things clean and organized, and offers motherly advice and food to anyone who asks her.

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